Hello there Everyone!  

As many of my friends know,
I've been hidden away working hard on my first band album in over ten years. It's getting close and it's VERY exciting. 

SO... new music soon!  
You can expect to hear some amazing musicians on this record... 

Drumming : Keith Carlock | Rolf Wam Fjell | Andy Gander | Jay McNeill + Ben Crook
Bassing : Chris Maresh | Tim Lefebvre | Drew Dedman | Ben Whincop + Jeff Camilleri
Plenty of guest appearances with all of my longtime collaborators and friends helping out too 
David Carr | Phil Butson | Rob Bonanno | Kathryn Johnston | Andy Naylor | Janine Maunder | Molly Apirana + Rob Maizels 
ALSO: there's ME! which is fun, and kinda the point!

It's been a life long dream experience to record. So very grateful. 
BIG THANKS to every single person who has been part of making this thing a reality.
If someone could be beside themselves, that would be ME!  

Can't wait to play it to you guys and tell you more about how it all went down...
Records downloads, solo and band performances.
Almost there! 

Thanks All for hanging in there with me!

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