"Andy Sorenson Sang and Everybody Cried"
 Sheridan Voysey interviews Aussie artist and producer Andy Sorenson 


This was one of the most moving interviews of my final Open House show. Watch the interview and you’ll hear:

Andy play his own custom-built keyboard-sampler-instrument - The Eklectic Piano - Amazing.
About his ground-breaking first album Burning Feet and subsequent success.
About the flashbacks he started experiencing in his late 20′s, the result of sexual abuse encountered as a child.
How a songwriting workshop forced him to break the silence of what had happened to him.
How he’s recovering.
After the interview Andy then sang a new song—his latest, Very Bright Future.
After what he’d shared, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Don’t watch the second video (Very Bright Future) before the first one! (this interview)

This was the first time Andy had spoken publically about his past experiences. It was a brave move and one I know helped
many listening to him around the nation that night. And Andy’s back touring. I can tell you this—your city needs to hear him.

If you need to talk to someone after hearing Andy:

Aus: Salvos Care Line 1300 36 36 22
UK: Premier Lifeline 08456 52 52 52
US: New Hope 714 NEW-HOPE (714 639-4673)



Hi all.
This interview was a live radio show taped for posterity in a wet Sydney courtyard in front of around 100 invited guests -
100 people couldn't fit in the studio evidently !  The show went out Nationally in Oz ( I wasn't aware of that before the show )
and lets just say I got a few calls and emails from some old friends whom I had no idea would be listening in
from thousands of kilometres away...

The guests were there to cheer on - and send off - Sheridan Voysey
It happened to be Sheridan's last show as host of Open House before flying off to a very bright future (!) in the U.K....
I believe he was captain of the show for over 6 years!
Sheridan and I had spoken an number of times before this and we'd interviewed a group of friends I was touring and
recording with, The Sowers Group (from Congo-Tanzania and Rwanda) a couple of years earlier.

Sheridan spent a good deal of time researching my story and really encouraged me to do this interview. I was terrified and
nervous obviously - not of the interview - but the subject matter. Turns out that this night - however scary - was quite important
both for me, a few of my friends and some others who just happened to be listening in. Ecouraged just by hearing another's story,
many people got in touch with me right away after this.  I guess that's how stories are supposed to work..... ?  
Thanks Sheridan. And I say that both for me AND the 2 buffalo girls.